Continued Help for Malake Village, Fiji

I want to acknowledge and give a HUGE thanks to Antonia Martinez. Antonia has truly taken on the cause of helping the Malake village school in Fiji. We did not spend all the money we raised through your generous donations while we in Fiji in April and we vowed to continue to help the village school with those financial gifts.

Antonia, a retired school principal, has access to school book sales. So she went and purchased three full boxes of books. She has been in contact with the village school principal and through the generous help of Wananavu Resort, she was able to get the books sent off. The staff at Wananavu will deliver them to the village once they arrive in Fiji in about 10 days.

GDE will continue our support of Malake school. I am currently putting together, with Antonia’s input, a pen pal program with Malake and my niece’s upper elementary Montessori school. We plan to get this program off the ground in January.

Thanks again everyone for your support. We are continually accepting donations for the program. A great $10 or $20 or $50 stocking stuffer for your spouse or holiday gift for a friend who was with us on the trip. Every dollar helps to support the school and give back for the wonderful time we experienced in Fiji. Just email me at mantagirl@globaldiveexpeditions and I’ll send you a gift certificate you can stuff in a stocking! Soon our non-profit, Ocean of Hope, will be fully operational and you’ll be able to take the tax donation but for now, please just help.

Antonia….. YOU ROCK!!!

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