Chasing Sun~ Our 12 Legs in Pictures!

RTW Flights in Images

The Adventure Couple

Leg 1, 07:00am Feb. 12, 2013, Missoula/Denver. At this point it’s water but don’t worry, that will change!

The Adventure Couple

Leg 2~ Denver/San Francisco. Got the RTW map in case the pilot makes a wrong turn!

The Adventure Couple

Leg 3~ San Francisco/Seoul. Lunchtime…for a 12+ hour flight, you GOT to have the bulkhead exit row.

Leg 4~Seoul/Phuket Same seat, different plane, having a local beer. I won’t tell you who won the Scrabble game

Leg 5~ Phuket/Bangkok. Breakfast kinda tasted like these boxes. Same buklhead exit row, other side of the plane!

Leg 6~ Bangkok/Singapore. Darn, couldn’t get those bulkhead seats but it was a short flight anyway

Moving on to wine, Leg 7~Singapore/Manila, took both of us to get the seven fingers!

Crazy day, almost missed this flight! Leg 8 Manila~Singapore

Leg 9 Singapore~Frankfurt…. at this point we both needed a shower!

Leg 10 Frankfurt~Toronto, this leg was a piece of cake after the $8 shower in Frankfurt…worth every penny and more!

Leg 11, Toronto/Denver… not really sleeping but this is definitely how we felt!

Leg 12, Denver~Missoula, April 1st, 2013. The pilots said we deserved THESE seats. I think I’d prefer to sit in the back, thank you!


First RTW complete, what an adventure, thanks for sharing it with us!  What should we do next?  What’s your next big adventure?

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