Chasing Sun ~ An Around the World Gala Affair with The Adventure Couple

And We’re Off!

Typing at cruising altitude of 38,000 feet we head west towards the coast of California. Finally, a long time dream is coming true. A full Around the World Adventure (RTW) awaits us for the next six weeks. A dream that almost didn’t come true…again.

High on the bucket list for many years has been to head west and keep heading west until we’ve come so far we’ve returned to where we started. It’s been planned and unplanned and planned again. Last year, we started planning a full year of traveling, working and adventuring around the globe. After months of planning something interrupted the plan, again. Sound familiar?

Then the whole thing came together in 3 short weeks.

Law of Attraction?

We believe strongly in the Law of Attraction. We don’t mean that if you wish and wish for a bicycle it will magically appear on your doorstep like in The Secret. What we mean is that by having the dream, throwing it out to the universe and putting it out in front of you on a vision board, the goal stays in front of you. Your mind stays open to not only possibility but to opportunity. You’ll be able to more clearly see what might be right in front of your eyes.

When our RTW plans were thwarted once again (by our own doing of course), We wondered if the timing would ever be right. It had been on the vision board since 2008 in a prominent spot in the right hand corner.

Instead we decided to take six weeks and dive and chill out in SE Asia. We worked through the airlines and found a great ticket to both Thailand and the Philippines round trip for just 65,000 miles. Done deal. Booked it.

But We Just Kept Thinking About it!

But I kept thinking about the RTW, wanting to complete it during my 50th year. As I do, I often go back to the vision board, the bucket list, the calendar, planning and plotting adventures year in and year out, manipulating dates, work schedules, priorities and finances, but I simply did not see the RTW happening. I put it out of my mind and started to concentrate on studying maps of Thailand and the islands of the Philippines, because adding five new countries is also a goal for 2013 and this would get us 2/5 of the way there.

Do you see the opportunity that we missed in planning here? Something right in front of our eyes the whole time? I woke up in the middle of the night a few weeks ago feeling rather sheepish about the whole thing. We were already going halfway around the world….duh…why come back? Why not just keep going?!! Our RTW was right there in front of us the whole time!

At first light I was on the phone to United and their Star Alliance partners….I figured it would be worth the change fees to turn our round trip ticket into a round world gala affair!

I worked with the agent and explained what we wanted to do. Keep going west was the battle cry! Keep chasing the sun. How can we do it?

We worked the itinerary around for about forty five minutes back and forth and in the end, we did it!

Just four weeks later…here we are…the beginning of an amazing adventure that will now take us not just to Thailand and the Philippines, but across the Indian Ocean and into Europe through Frankfurt, Germany, onward to Toronto, Canada and finally back to Denver and Missoula and home.

Around the world in 6 weeks, 5 airlines, 65,000 miles and $78.00.

Below are photos of leg 1 and leg 2 and the awesome United flight attendants who took great care of us.


Leg 1 Missoula/Denver


Leg 1 Flight Attendant Sarah!


Leg 2 Denver/San Francisco


Leg 2 Flight Attendants Connie and Chris!


Stay tuned to find out how to fly around the world for just $78.00 in our next post!


Let the Adventure begin!

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