Here’s a silly post. 200. Yep, that’s what this post is, number 200 for this site. It made me think that I should have some kind of a celebration. Wow….we’ve written 200 posts. Bring on the clowns, the cake and the candles.

So I wonder…..is 200 a lot? I mean for a blog post. Somewhere, some internet, blogging, marketing guru will say that once you reach 200 posts, you should have “X” number of readers, “X” number of comments daily etc….but is that good? Is that a blogging babystep or a magical number? Sure wish I knew. Not that it would change anything….I’d still have 200 posts for better or for worse…

But you know….I can celebrate it because I think it’s cool. People don’t celebrate enough things. I know I don’t. I reach some goal or make a great contribution and say, “wow, cool” and simply go on with my day to the next goal. But why NOT celebrate things? Why NOT pat yourself on the back more often? If you don’t, who will?

A couple of months ago, our truck was about to turn 100,000 miles. We thought we should have a party. So with 7 miles to go, we grabbed a few beers at sunset and drove 3.5 miles down our dirt road, turned around and drove home. Why? So we could celebrate the turnover on our own land. Yep, halfway up our 1/2 mile driveway the odometer clicked 100,000. I stopped the truck and we got out and sat on the hood and popped a couple of frosty brews. Eight mule deer wandered up and we raised our bottles, drank deeply and then poured a bit over the hood. It was a beautiful evening, so we turned up the stereo and just sat on the hood in the driveway with the deer and enjoyed the sunset. An impromptu party for a silly little thing that just made the end of a great day. Oh, and we took a picture of the odometer just for fun.

So writing this post about celebrating our 200th blog, reminded me of the truck gala and gave me a reason to remember something happy. And it reminded me to celebrate more. When was the last time you celebrated simply for the fun of it? Do you take time to enjoy your accomplishments no matter how small? Do you give yourself enough credit for the things that you do?

celebrate your lifee

Celebrate everything!

We don’t have to celebrate because it’s the 200th blog. Hell, we could throw a shindig because it’s the 187th blog. The point is, find a reason to celebrate your life and the joy in it.

To Your Adventures!

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