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Adventure Travel Jobs – What do you REALLY want?

belize travel job

Many people write and tell us that they want an adventure travel job because they want to travel the world. Fantastic, we’re here to help you find your way. Peruse through the articles in the Adventure Job topic list because there are lots of things to consider. The two things we hear most is “I’ll […]

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Work on the Road: The Ultimate Guide for Road Warriors to having a Mobile Office and working from anywhere in the world.

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Over the years, a lot of road warriors have asked us how to work on the road and set up a mobile office. How do we get business done when we travel over 300 days a year? Based on our 20+ years of experience working all over the world, we built this resource to give […]

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Mantagirl Back from Borneo – Check this out!

Mantagirl has returned from Borneo changed. “Asia has me in its grips”. I fell in love with the country above and below the ocean. Above the water, I had four magical days exploring the Kinabatangan river in eastern Sabah. With my guide and driver we picked our way up minute tributaries searching for birds, monkeys, […]

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Carin’s in Borneo right now with National Geographic and Emmy award winning filmmakers and this is what she had to say, “The only thing is that we have sea snake issues! they come up into the rooms sometimes and last night during a full moon and very high tide we had THREE in the bar […]

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