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My Solo Walk Across Cuba -Part 3 – Making Friends

The Walking Dead   I woke up still giggling at where I was and what I was doing.  I was in the love nest with me, myself and I, the three of us in a tiny town in eastern Cuba.  And last night I did something I had never done before.  Nope, not in the […]

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My Solo Walk Across Cuba: Stories from the Side of the Road Part 1 Getting In

BackStory Before I begin, let me layout the backstory.  Many of you know me well and my love affair with the crocodile shaped island across the Florida Straits, but many of you don’t. My inaugural trip to Cuba was Oct 6, 2013.  I led the first ever Abercrombie & Kent People to People trip to […]

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I Surf

 *This is a guest post from my (Mantagirl) brother, Steve. He travels the world while living in China and is the funniest and most talented writer I know.  Steve doesn’t write for a living but he does live through his writing and keen observations of the world.  His insights into people, cultures and well….in this […]

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Hard Road or Easy Street?

First, let me explain our absence from the blog. It’s been more than a month since my last post (forgive me Father for I have sinned?). I won’t apologize for it because when we’re not writing we’re gaining incredible insight on life through travel…which, of course is what we write about. So in that case, […]

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Here’s a Riddle

What is something we don’t want to do, something we hate to “go back to on a Monday morning” and always want to escape? Answer: Facing Reality. Reality seems to be something we have to inevitably “confront” like our worst enemy. Why is it that reality has become so negative (reality TV obviously aside!)? Why […]

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The Builder

architect of life

I remember driving around in 2008 at the height of the real estate crash looking at properties with a friend. There were foreclosures and abandoned houses all over the place. But from time to time as we drove, we would roll past a brand new house that was under construction. I was absolutely dumbfounded because […]

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Life Block

You’ve heard of writer’s block? Gosh, seems like I’ve had it the past couple of weeks. Can’t seem to find a topic I want to write about and can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together. It drives me crazy because I love to write. So I decided to write about writer’s block. And once […]

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We Need More Holidays – Do You Agree?

the adventue couple

We need more holidays As I sat this year and reflected on Thanksgiving I decided that we as a species need more holidays. I don’t mean more times of stressful get togethers with old Aunt Mildred, I mean more time to celebrate life, more time to stop fretting about the small stuff and truly rejoice […]

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Are YOUR dreams big enough?

the adventure couple

I’ve been thinking a lot about Felix Baumgartner lately. On October 14th, he broke the speed of sound without the aid of a aircraft. Yes, he sky dived out of a balloon at 128,100 feet creating a few new world records (no shit!). And one of the coolest things was that the man who did […]

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How to Sky Dive from Outer Space and Other Unpragmatic Advice

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos: Misson to the Edge of Space It was 2000 and I was in the packed Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City with the world’s largest gathering of the top explorers on and off the planet. It was my first ECAD or Explorers Club Annual dinner. That most […]

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