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Diving Rangiroa Our Way

we descended to 170’ and simply watched, all of us in our own thoughts, watching hundreds of sharks slowly cruise the blue one way and then, as if at the end of a fish tank, turn and slowly meander back again. It was mesmerizing and a sight that few have seen on the corner of this pass in a remote location on the planet, a microcosm of life in the ocean.

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The Beautiful and Bizarre: Underwater Philippines

Philippines scuba diving

Underwater Philippines: Striking images from our recent trip.                              

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Yellow Rocks of Bali

scuba diving bali

Yellow Rocks of Bali (Shore diving Bonaire style on the North Coast) On the island of Bonaire, more than 60 yellow rocks along the roadside point the way to easy to access shore diving sites.  It’s one of the things that makes the island stand out in the minds of divers worldwide.  These iconic dive […]

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Seeing the World in a Different Light

 My underwater world has been shattered in a wondrous, magical way. I have discovered an entirely new layer of world below the blue that I never knew existed. One that has been cleverly cloaked right before my eyes. And it reminded me of a Cuban dance. So let me digress. The Traditional dance of Cuba […]

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Malapascua Island ~ Diver’s Paradise in the Philippines

Malapascua Island, Visaya Group, Philippines About the Island This tiny island is only about 1km by 3km and lies 8km off the north end of Cebu island in the central Philippines as part of the Visaya group of islands. When the Spaniards arrived here it was a stormy Christmas Day. They thus named it Malapascua […]

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Muck Diving in the Philippines ~ Photos of Wild and Wooly Creatures in the Sea

All Macro. All the Time. My First Muck Dive We were first introduced to the concept of muck diving way back in 1996 during a trip to remote Papua New Guinea. It didn’t sound very appealing to me, I’ll admit. I had a vision of low vis and well….muck… slimy, ooey-gooey, harbor sludge. What fun […]

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New Underwater Clips from the Philippines!

As most of you know, Sharkman and I are busily making our way through the Philippines to find you the best diving, the most exclusive resorts and the friendliest people on the planet!  Along the way I’ve put together a couple of short clips to show you the amazing macro life under the sea.  It […]

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Today’s Post in 40 seconds – Because you are Swamped in the Office Today

Tuesday after a long holiday weekend, a full email box, the start of the school year….and to top it off it’s raining (at least where I am in Florida today). So instead of a long read, here’s a 40 second video I made yesterday on how a trunk fish grows up! Enjoy!

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Swim with The Largest Fish in the Sea in 2013

global diving adventures

Whale Shark Snorkeling, SCUBA Diving and a Beautiful Villa too! *Snorkel with dozens of Whale Sharks – The largest gathering in the world! *SCUBA Dive the coral reefs and wrecks of Isla Mujeres, Mexico *Chill out at our MAGNIFICENT 10,000 sq ft PRIVATE VILLA pool or hit the beach! This is a TRIO of adventure […]

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Villa Chillin’ & Whale Sharks- A Field Report

diving mexico

Ha, I truly don’t feel like I am writing from the “field”, more like from the lap of luxury. Sharkman and I are always looking for the next greatest way to add something special to our diving adventures. Recently, we’ve discovered the villa experience and it’s getting rave reviews!  The Culprit At the moment, I’m […]

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