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Riding the Current of Adventure

Imagine standing at the edge of a river As you look up and down the river you see people on inner-tubes and rafts riding the current having a great time. It looks like a wild ride and you want to join in. A few of the people look a little scared out there on the […]

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The Adventure Couple and A&K

We are teaming up with Abercrombie & Kent! Sharkman and I are thrilled to announce that beginning in 2013 we will be working with Abercrombie & Kent to develop, implement and run their first ever North American “Connections” adventures. “Abercrombie & Kent began in East Africa, where Geoffrey Kent was born while his parents, Valerie […]

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Do What You Love; Bad Career Choice Says One Blogger

scuba diving indonesia

People are fascinating. And the way people think is even more so. As I travel I meet so many people with weird, wild ideas. For example, last week I had a very interesting conversation with a guy who believes the world will end in 2012, global anarchy will reign before we ring in 2013 and […]

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My Life as a Professional Shark Feeder: Shark Diving is One Seriously Cool Adventure Travel Job

shark diver

Professional shark divers, like everyone, have good days and bad days. The good days are when the sharks are hungry and happy and the divers are satisfied and come back in one piece. The bad days are when either the opposite happens or the wrong shark arrives at the dinner table. All of my days […]

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Live Above Your Means: Real Life Strategies for Living the Good Life and Traveling the World without a Dollar of Debt

adventure life by design

We Advocate Living Above Your Means….WHAT??? One of the things we teach others to do is Live Above Your Means. It is a strategy that has worked incredibly well for us over the past decade plus. Whoa you say! Doesn’t everybody tell me not to do that? Follow me closely here because there’s a big […]

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Adventure Travel Jobs – What do you REALLY want?

belize travel job

Many people write and tell us that they want an adventure travel job because they want to travel the world. Fantastic, we’re here to help you find your way. Peruse through the articles in the Adventure Job topic list because there are lots of things to consider. The two things we hear most is “I’ll […]

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How to Get an Adventure Travel Job – Six Places to Start

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So, you’ve decided to take the step into a more adventurous life. Bravo! You’ve downloaded and read your FREE copy of  The Live Adventurously Manifesto and the 8 Principles to Live Adventurously and drank the Kool-Aid. If not, look to the right of the page, they’re right here for you.  You’ve found what resonates for […]

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The Adventure Travel Job Network

adventure travel job

 Want an Adventure Travel Job?  Afraid of job security?  You’re not alone Yesterday, I was having a chat with a chap in jolly ole’ England. He was explaining to me that he really wanted to step out into an adventure job but that “job security” was a stopping point. He was concerned about working a […]

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A Cruise Ship Job? Here are Five Reasons NOT to Work on a Cruise Ship

In my last post, I gave you my Top Five Reasons for Working on a Cruise Ship. I’ve had six very interesting years exploring the world on someone else’s dime and definitely seeing places I might not have chosen on my own. But it’s not for everyone. So as promised, here are my five top […]

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A Cruise Ship Job? Here are My Five Top Reasons To Get A Cruise Ship Job

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My Top Five Reasons to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship Many people ask me about working on cruise ships. I have spent six years working on board as part of a ship’s crew and many more years leading groups on board. All of my work has been on small ships meaning 300 passengers […]

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