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Misogi: Learning to do the impossible


The idea of Misogi is to take on a challenge that radically expands your sense of what is possible.  What began as an ancient Shinto myth-story that included self purification after a champion’s return from the underworld is now practiced by world class athletes and business visionaries to create truly massive change.  Misogi is on […]

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Your Story vs Your Reality, Riding the Coat Tails of Life

scuba diving lessons

A Lesson I Think About Every Day Our past makes us who we are today, no doubt about it. Every experience, emotion, thought and deed create the tapestry of you and brings you to this exact moment in time. It’s your story. Yesterday, I received an email from an old friend of mine. We hadn’t […]

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A Vision For Life ~ Creating a Dream Board

Dream board vision board

  What’s on Your Do, Be, Have List? We all have a vision for our life, the things we want to accomplish, see, do, be, have. Is that vision in front of you each and every day? If you keep the vision at the front of your mind, you will be much more likely to […]

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8 Principles to Live Adventurously

Hello friends and adventurers, The awaited second manifesto is here! The 8 Principles to Living Adventurously, A Very Unusual How To Guide.  And like The Live Adventurously Manifesto, this one is also FREE for you to download and then share with the world! This is a “How To” guide starring eight foundational principles that you […]

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The Live Adventurously Manifesto

Live Adventurously Manifesto

Success! You’ve found The Live Adventurously Manifesto. See what this whole thing is all about and how you can be part of it. Open or Download the manifesto here. Technical Note: This manifesto downloads as a PDF file and should work on all computers with Adobe Reader installed. A few things you can discover from the […]

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Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #6, Create a Grand Vision for Your Life

Create a Grand Vision for your Life I hope you have enjoyed reading my six principles to cultivating your adventure mind.  If you missed them you can click the links and read them all. #5 Desire to live every day to it’s fullest in happiness #4 Cultivate Risk #3 The ability to discard what other […]

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Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #5, Desire to live every day to it’s fullest in happiness

Cultivating your Adventurous Mind. Changing your outlook to change your outcome.   If you want more adventure in your life you need more adventure in your mind.  In order to take the step from “can’t”, “shouldn’t” and “afraid to” you need to change your outlook.  In this blog post series I am outlining 6 pinciples […]

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Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #4, Cultivate Risk in your Life.

How much risk are you willing to take to lead an adventurous life? Risk is not a bad thing, it’s simply an uncertain outcome… If you want a more adventurous life, you need to cultivate your adventure mind.  In this post, I talk about my 4th principle to achieving this, which is to cultivate risk.  […]

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Using the Adventure Mind, Principle #3, the Ability to Discard What Others Think of You

The Ability to Discard what Other People Think of You This is the third principle of learning to use the Adventure mind. You will ALWAYS find people who want to steal your dreams. But you have to be strong and learn to walk way from naysayers. This is not as easy as it sounds. We […]

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Using Your Adventurous Mind, Principle #2

Six Principles of Using Your Adventurous Mind Number 2- Care More About DOING than HAVING. Yesterday, my blog post explored the concept of Using Your Adventurous Mind.  I proposed six principles to help you live a life “off the couch” and “outside the box”.  My first principle is Cultivating the Ability to Think Outside Your […]

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