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The Beautiful and Bizarre: Underwater Philippines

Philippines scuba diving

Underwater Philippines: Striking images from our recent trip.                              

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Misogi: Learning to do the impossible


The idea of Misogi is to take on a challenge that radically expands your sense of what is possible.  What began as an ancient Shinto myth-story that included self purification after a champion’s return from the underworld is now practiced by world class athletes and business visionaries to create truly massive change.  Misogi is on […]

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How we got paid to live on a Mexican island for 10 days. (and flew there for free)

Lifestyle Design

We receive a lot of emails from people who wonder how we live like we live and are able to do what we do. How is it that we have an adventurous life and travel at will? This detailed post will reveal some of our best secrets and show you the details. Stay with me, […]

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Because It’s Fun Damn It!

This article appeared as a guest post on the blog of explorer Mikael Strandberg. In my last article for Mikael, I wrote about how explorers stay alive despite operating in extraordinarily hostile environments while, paradoxically, some of the best of the best explorers perish doing exactly what they’ve done for years, oftentimes in their figurative […]

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The Builder

architect of life

I remember driving around in 2008 at the height of the real estate crash looking at properties with a friend. There were foreclosures and abandoned houses all over the place. But from time to time as we drove, we would roll past a brand new house that was under construction. I was absolutely dumbfounded because […]

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Invitation to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

Have you ever wanted to see the Serengeti of North America? To be in a place that is as wild and scenic as it was in the days of Lewis and Clark? To experience the crown jewel of American’s iconic National Parks – the world’s first National Park – in a way that very, very […]

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How to Sky Dive from Outer Space and Other Unpragmatic Advice

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull Stratos: Misson to the Edge of Space It was 2000 and I was in the packed Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City with the world’s largest gathering of the top explorers on and off the planet. It was my first ECAD or Explorers Club Annual dinner. That most […]

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Sharkman on the Move – Guest Blogging with Explorer Mikael Strandberg

The adventure couple

Sharkman vs Risk Ridlon shares his thoughts on Embracing Risk with Swedish Polar Explorer Mikael Strandberg over at his site today. Please click the link below. An Explorer’s Guide to Risk – Embrace it to fuel your Passion  

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A Gift from Merlin

live adventurously

A friend died today. Massive heart attack. No chance. Done. And that got me thinking about “last days.” If today was your last day, what would you have done? How would you have spent your time? I’ve seen this question asked before as a scenario but times like now are an urgent reminder that it’s […]

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Life by Design Series: The Benefit of a Good ‘Ole Fashioned Ass Kicking

Live Adventurously

I ride mountain bikes in the summer every Wednesday night with a cool group of guys. These aren’t your normal rides. These rides are more often than not rated somewhere on the epic scale. They are 5-7+ hour marches that usually start with an hour of non stop climbing and then go from there. They […]

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