Authenticity in a World of Scam

There are reams of people writing about purpose and passion and fulfillment these days. I applaud them. Danielle LaPorte is helping you fire start your true desires, Tim Ferriss wants to show you how to do everything in 4 hours, Chris Gullibeau wants to fuel your inner non-conformist and here at The Adventure Couple, we advocate adventure as a path to stretch and strengthen your life.

It seems there is an enlightenment movement afoot to climb up a rung in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. To find personal satisfaction in living your most authentic life. Kind of a 60’s revival meeting with passion as the drug.

But Today I’m Angry

But this morning I woke up angry. Really, really angry. Because not only is authenticity under attack but at the very core, ethics is steadily losing ground. I read with sadness and horror of the backlash and the investigation of Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea and his financial mismanagement of the Central Asia Institute. I drank the Kool Aid 100% when I read his accounts of high adventure blended with a heart so big it dripped with his passion. Then I read that Jon Krakauer had donated $75,000 to CAI. So now, as he peels back the layers of Mortenson’s story, he makes back his investment with a healthy ROI selling his book on Montenson’s deceit. What account is true or to what extent, I have not an earthly clue but I weep at the lack of authenticity and ethics of it all. The lies, the deceit, the rage, the resentment, the revenge….


I am now fully suspect of any email I receive claiming to be from any bank or financial institution, Fed Ex, UPS, Paypal, Ebay or lawyer. I don’t trust the scam alert services because they are most likely fraudulent. Until someone actually calls me and I can call back and verify they are who they are, I place not a penny of trust anymore. Thank goodness I can still recognize my mother’s voice…in her I still have complete confidence.

 Scammers on Ebay

Over the past month I’ve had multiple scammers hit me up on Ebay and try to get me to mail expensive items to obscure addresses across the world. We spend way too much mental energy figuring out how to have a legitimate business in an illegitimate world and try to hold on to that which we have authentically created.


There seems to be fork in the proverbial road. There are now scammers on top of scammers who have zero respect for the world or themselves, wrongly believing that while what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is also mine and that they have every right to get it at whatever cost.

 Are Authentic People Really Authentic?

And there are those who preach authenticity who are anything but. I recently was given a book by a business coach. It was an adventure story with life lessons. I began to become suspicious when the story fit so well with the lessons that it seemed unbelievable until I found out it was. The entire story was a farce. And in the end, I also discovered the business coach was a farce and I’m still trying to recoup my monetary losses from him. One of the only true things I learned from my business coach was that my authenticity was one of my greatest assets, rather ironic.

adventure life by design

be authentic

 But worse is that….

But worse than the money is shaken faith. Worse is the realization that the world is so desperate that anything is fair game. Worse is that I have lost my trust. Worse is being authentic in this travesty because I understand how hard it is now to earn trust.


Does this sound completely self righteous? Yep, it sure does. And today I’m not afraid to say it. My passion is living an authentic life, walking the walk and talking the talk. I adventure with unbound zeal and obsess about the next step in a journey of back to back escapades. I love to talk about it, write about it and help others to find it. So I’ll keep on keeping on…. keep on being the real McCoy amidst the con and keep working treading water in world of hustlers.


Someday the light will shine through.

To Your Adventures,


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