Are you the Master of your Fate?

What Made Me Think of This?

The other day, Ridlon posted a blog called “The Hidden Steps of Life”, with a great lesson about paying attention to life. It was a thoughtful and clever post and this morning as I finished reading a novel called, “The Walk”  by Richard Paul Evans, something in the book struck a cord that collided in my brain with his post.


The author writes, in the epilogue of the book, of a Brazilian folk tale in which the moral is, “We are either victims of circumstance or masters of our own fate but we can’t be both”. It started me thinking about where in life I had allowed myself to be the victim and where I had stepped forward to decide my own path. And where I still let the victim mentality run me.

 Lessons Learned from the Cruise Ship Life

In Ridlon’s post, he explains how guests on board a cruise ship continually trip on a step in the ship’s lounge. Then they complain that the ship should do something to change the step instead of learning to take a different path or paying more attention. In this case, the guests choose to be repetitive victims to the step.


Last week on board the same ship there happened to be lots of young children. This particular ship does not cater to children and so there is little for them to do except splash in the pool and hog the hot tub and generally annoy the adult guests. At the end of the week, the guest comment cards were full of complaints about the children. However, not once during the week did any of them take the matter into their hands. Not one person spoke to the children’s parents or the hotel manager or do anything to make their own vacation more pleasant. Instead, they allowed themselves to be victims of circumstance. Choosing at any moment during the week to become masters of their own fate could have changed the outcome of their entire experience to something more pleasant. Yet they sat and suffered in silence.


Why do we not all choose, every day, to be masters of our own fate in life?


You CAN have the adventurous life you want by simply choosing to be the master of your own fate.


To Your Adventures,



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