Adventure Manifesto

Adventure is an insatiable thirst for knowing the world. It’s not just a thing. Adventure is a way of thinking, a way of being, a way of doing that ultimately manifests itself as a way of living.

This is Adventure!

Adventure thrills us, enlightens us, strengthens and stretches us, inspires us, answers our curiosity, it freaks us out sometimes but it’s always fun and never boring. It’s the most awake and aware life that we can lead.

There’s a great question that we love to ask people. Take just a minute and answer this before you go on: If starting on Monday, you had a year of paid vacation, what would you do? In other words, if money and time weren’t an issue, what would you do starting Monday morning?

We believe that there are A LOT of people out there that want to live a more “off the couch” life. What does that mean??? It means having more fun, daily passion, fulfillment & being excited about getting out of bed every day. To us, it means travel and that idea resonates because more often than not, it’s the answer we hear to the question above.

For the better part of the last decade, we’ve lived not knowing what day of the week it is because it doesn’t matter. We don’t believe in TGIF. We believe in TGIT – Thank God Its Today. Because we can’t ever get today back.

Adventure gives us a chance to stretch our wings – sometimes literally. We’re all about enjoying a glass of wine in our overwater bungalow but only after we came ripping through the pass on a four knot current through 100 sharks. Sound interesting? It’s much more than just that, its living.

We believe that ADVENTURE IS BEST SHARED BY FRIENDS. And that’s what we’re all about. As we continue to travel the globe on world class adventures, we’d love to see you there having the experience of a lifetime with us. Show up whenever you can for as much as you can.

We believe that adventure = travel. Why are we all so innately drawn to travel? Let us know what you think.

SCUBA diving around the globe – the Ocean being our first true love. Mountain climbing. Travel. That’s how we adventure, that’s where you’ll find us, and we hope that you do.

Adventure and everything it offers is always just around the corner for all of us. Go grab some!

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