The Gift of Adventure

Life is either a great adventure or nothing. 

~ Helen Keller


You’ve found the world wide Adventure Headquarters for people that want to live a more adventurous life. Welcome to the Tribe!

The Gift of Adventure is a life that is exciting, fulfilling and purpose driven. It is a life well lived doing something you love. Here at the Adventure HQ, we teach and celebrate that lifestyle with a community of thousands of fellow adventurers who are living it or want to. Why?

Because we never met anyone that wanted a duller life.

Adventure thrills us, enlightens us, strengthens and stretches us, inspires us and answers our curiosity.  It freaks us out sometimes, but it’s always fun and never dull.  It’s the most awake and aware life that we can lead.

Adventure isn’t a singular event or activity, it’s not just BASE jumping off a bridge or mountain biking on the weekend – it is the way you live your entire life and is defined by a set of principles. These principles apply to your personal life, family life, work life and community life. These principles apply to individuals, organizations and companies. And they can help you rock your world.

Want the Gift of Adventure? (hint: it’s free)

We created the Adventure HQ because we wanted to meet other fun, cool and interesting people, share our adventures and show other’s how they can do the same. So this site is a gathering place for people and ideas and a place where you can connect with others that think like you do.

If you’re new here, your first step is to check out The Live Adventurously Manifesto. You can download it here for free.

In our 3X/week blog articles, we share:

  • Actionable strategies for living a more exciting, fulfilling and purpose driven life through adventure.
  • The joy of living life on your own terms doing something you love.
  • Fun adventure stories from our personal travels.
  • Brilliant ramblings.
  • Ideas that can help you travel more.
  • Inspirational images from around the planet.
  • World travel wisdom and info on cool locations.

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The Adventure Couple – a brief Hello!

In case we haven’t met yet, HELLO! We’re the Adventure Couple, Sharkman & Mantagirl (aka Ridlon & Carin Kiphart). In 1988, we were windsurfing and scuba instructors working on the Caribbean island of Providenciales where we met on a white sandy beach (nice, huh?).  And 100+ countries and countless adventures later, we haven’t been apart since. You could say we’re joined at the hip and often by a belay line. Our adventures have included climbing the world’s highest mountains, working as professional shark divers and crossing the Atlantic Ocean by sailing ship six times. Along the way, we were inducted as members of the prestigious Explorers Club and named American Airlines Ultimate Road Warrior.

We knew that a dull life wasn’t for us so we formed a plan to live a fun, exciting and purpose driven life outside of cubicle nation and white picket fences. Our plan involved traveling the world, having amazing adventures and ditching the notion of ever having a “real” job. Since that day, we’ve traded the Delayed Life Plan for days filled with fun, excitement and purpose.

For us, it’s all about having a life well lived and doing something we love rather than just existing and getting through each day. And our goal here at the Adventure HQ is to help you do the same.

That’s the Readers Digest version, for a more on our adventures and how we’ve done what we’ve done, click here.

How Do You Begin your Adventure?

If you haven’t already, start by checking out The Live Adventurously Manifesto (free) and the 8 Principles to Live Adventurously (free too!).  Make sure and Subscribe by Email or Subscribe to RSS so you don’t miss new articles on how to Live Adventurously.

Connect with us, share your thoughts and your questions.  Take the information, use it, share it, build a more exciting and fulfilling life. Live for every day. Get out there! The world is waiting for you!

Sharkman & Mantagirl, The Adventure Couple

Adventure Life By Design