The Adventure Couple

Two Adventurous Souls Destined to Meet on a Tropical Island

Hello and welcome! We are the Adventure Couple, Sharkman & Mantagirl; worldwide explorers, authors, educators, film makers and photographers.  You’ve found our Adventure Headquarters which is the meeting place for thousands of people who want to live a more adventurous life.


About The Adventure Couple

In 1988, we met on a white sandy beach on the picturesque Caribbean island of Providenciales while working at Club Med. Soon after, we spent a year on a cruise ship traveling around the islands as scuba diving and windsurfing instructors. It was an awesome time as you can imagine.

But, instead of staying in paradise, we went back to the “real” world and back to college and then launched ourselves into cubicle nation. We moved to Santa Barbara, CA, rented a nice house and proceeded to have a nice suburban life – or so we thought.

Our plan involved traveling the world, having amazing adventures and ditching the notion of ever having a “real” job.

But after a year, we began to struggle with the idea of “should” versus “want”. We wanted to go back to the islands; in our souls we knew the conventional life system – what we call the Delayed Life Plan – was deeply flawed and not our style. We were kicking butt in our careers but we both felt a big void.  We were missing excitement, true fulfillment and ultimately purpose. We were missing adventure.

We Formed a Plan to Ditch the 8-6 and Daily Commute.

the adventure couple

The Adventure Couple in Borneo

We knew that a routine life wasn’t for us so we formed a plan to live an exciting, fulfilling and purpose driven life outside of cubicle nation and white picket fences. Our plan revolved around adventure travel jobs and entrepreneurial pursuits, creative financial strategies, emphasizing doing over having and traveling around the world.

For us, it’s about having a life well lived and making it count. And our goal here at the Adventure HQ is to help you do the same. Here, you can learn the principles and strategies we have used to do the following:

  • Travel to all 7 continents and over 110 countries
  • Work as professional shark divers in Tahiti
  • Climb the world’s highest mountains in Nepal and Tibet
  • Become an American Airlines Ultimate Road Warrior
  • Work as top expedition leaders in Africa, S. America, Europe, C. America & the South Pacific
  • Cross the Atlantic Ocean by sailing ship 6 times
  • Start a successful adventure travel company
  • Live on the road over 6000 days (that’s over 20 years!)
  • Create a non profit foundation to promote ocean conservation
  • Be invited to join the prestigious Explorers Club
  • Not worry about money

Via writing, film and images, we share information on how you can live a more adventurous life in its many forms including:

  • Practical strategies for living a more adventurous, exciting, fun & fulfilling life
  • Adventure from our personal travels
  • Ways you can travel more
  • How to land an adventure travel job
  • The joy of living life on your own terms
  • World travel tips and cool locations
The Adventure Couple

The Adventure Couple on Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

The Adventure Couple

The Adventure Life as a Couple

We’ve scuba dived the planet, filmed penguins in Antarctica and summited 8000 meter peaks in the Himalayas. And most importantly to us, we’ve done it together – as an inseparable team. Even when we aren’t on a belay rope together, we’re joined at the hip. We live, laugh and love together all over the world. We intuitively know and celebrate each other’s strengths and use this to create an unbeatable team. We travel, work, dive, and climb together. Is it a challenge? You bet. Does it take work? For sure. But the only thing better than doing what you love is doing it with the person you love.

Live Adventurously for Organizations & Corporations

We also teach organizations, communities and corporations how to live more adventurously and why this is mission critical for their growth, competitiveness and ultimately long term success and survival.

Begin your Adventure

 It’s about having a life well lived and making it count.

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Connect with us, share your comments and questions. And get ready to Live Adventurously.