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Today our guest post adventures continue!  Check us out virtually from AUSTRALIA with mega motivator, Peter G. James Sinclair at Motivational Memo. Read Mantagirl’s article and see if you are an Unwitting Dream Stealer!

Are You New Here?

First a big Adventure Couple welcome! You have found our Adventure Headquarters (HQ) and this is where thousands of people from around the world meet up to find ways to live a more adventurous life. Remember that adventure isn’t just about bungee jumping off a bridge, it is about living by a set of principles and using a set of strategies to create a life that is more exciting, fulfilling and fun! This framework is for individuals and couples, families and communities, the largest corporations and the smallest start up. It is for climbers and housewives, stock traders and trekkers, students and skydivers, CEOs and scuba divers.

This blog is the place where we share with you those principles and strategies we have used to:

  • Travel to over 100 countries and all seven continents.
  • Live in Tahiti for two years, SCUBA diving with dozens of sharks almost every day.
  • Climb in the Himalayas and summit the 6th highest mountain in the world.
  • Start a non profit for ocean conservation.
  • Enjoy dinner on our private balcony at the Monte Carlo Grand looking over the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Swim eye to eye with a humpback whale and her calf.
  • Play a pick up basketball game with villagers on a remote island off Borneo.
  • Watch Andrea Bocelli perform at an historic renaissance palazzo in Italy.
  • Explore remote Raja Ampat, Indonesia by private yacht.
  • Start an adventure travel company for scuba diving and mountain climbing.
  • Cross the Atlantic Ocean, five times.
  • Ride on the shoulders of tribesmen at a village sing-sing in Papua New Guinea.
  • Live all over Europe.
  • Watch Jimmy Buffet play in a one room beach shack in the French West Indies.
  • Dive to over 1000’ in a scientific submarine off Costa Rica.
  • Spend a month hanging out in Australia meeting really cool people at beaches all over the country.

Sound interesting?

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8 Principles to Live Adventurously: a Very Unusual How to Guide – Learn the principles and strategies we use everyday to create a more exciting, fulfilling and fun life.

Welcome again. Welcome to the tribe. We’re glad you’re here. ~ Sharkman & Mantagirl, The Adventure Couple



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