A Vision For Life ~ Creating a Dream Board


What’s on Your Do, Be, Have List?

We all have a vision for our life, the things we want to accomplish, see, do, be, have. Is that vision in front of you each and every day? If you keep the vision at the front of your mind, you will be much more likely to accomplish the incredible, epic, life altering things you’ve decided are important to you.

How Do You Keep Your Vision in Front of You?

How do you, as Stephen Covey, says, “Keep the Main Thing The Main Thing”?

Create A Dream Board

One great way is by keeping a vision or dream board. This is a visual display of your dreams. Use some kind of cardboard or poster board. Then take an evening and fill the board with words, magazine photos, photos from the internet, everything you want to do, be and have in your life. Then place your vision board above your desk or dresser or in your office, somewhere you’ll see it everyday.

By having your dreams literally in front of you every day, you’ll find that you are more tuned in to opportunities that come up to accomplish the dream. It’s not magic….you don’t “wish” and it “comes true”. You put it in the front of your brain and your brain connects with things in your daily life that push you further towards the goal.

Here’s a photo of my last vision board.

Dream board vision board

Update your board once or twice a year or whenever you feel like it. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish by having a simple vision board in your radar and being tuned into it.


Good Luck, Keep us Posted!

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