A Simple Thought on The Simplicity of Adventure

Last week we took a new job working as co-leaders for a very specific adventure. The escapade is a 26 day, around the world trip by private jet. The logistics are staggering including planes, trains and automobiles as well as helicopters, yachts and probably a Rolls Royce or two. The itinerary is vast, the locations exotic, and the guests of the Dom Perignon variety. From a planning and execution point of view this adventure promises mayhem and mishap, guarantees part frustration and part fantasy, all dished up with a large dollop of wonder and awe. It will be spectacular in it’s complexity.

The trip doesn’t start for many months, however, and currently we are having an adventure of another sort off the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Just as spectacular for it’s simplicity. And it started me thinking about just how much fun the simplest of adventures can also be.


For a few weeks we are renting an apartment in a small complex on a quiet island off the coast of Cancun. The island is only about 4 miles long and three football fields wide at it’s narrowest point. We have no car, only bikes. We ride to the local grocery about 6 minutes away and buy what fits into our small daypack. We cook chicken, beans, rice and tortillas pretty much every day and for pretty much every meal. We walk 50 steps out our door to the small beach and quietly glide out on the ocean on paddle boards each day for exercise. We tie string to the boards as a leash so we can snorkel with transportation. We work out with home made kettle bells (a dry bag filled with water), our own brand of “Mexican ingenuity”. It is the most simple life I can imagine. We’re learning Spanish, picking up a few new words and phrases each day. New people come and go from the attached marina so basically the place comes with built in rotating friends. The bar next door serves a mean margarita and if we tire of cooking beans and rice, we can go there for…..beans and rice……. or a cheeseburger if it’s Thursday. It’s a relaxed pace but still full of daily adventure.

So I feel this huge juxtaposition as I contemplate the intricacies of planning an avionic circumnavigation from our small life on the island. I’m experiencing the polar opposites of adventure at once.


And it reminds me that adventure can be grand or minute, complex or simple. The thrill is in the unknown and the serendipity of every moment. The lesson is to grasp adventure everywhere in life and to embrace it at every turn.

Go forth and adventure!

live adventurously



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  1. Priyank July 19, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    Yes, the joy of simple things.. another perspective on Adventure surely..

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